The Book Club

I’m introducing you to my book loving besties, for some super fun discussions every month. Babar is prone to be dramatic and overly politically correct, and Veda is the serious element to our discussions. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the sane one (and that’s saying something)!

The Book Club | Episode 3 | Alice Oseman | "Solitaire" | "Heartstopper" |

Arhaan Babar Ray is considered to be a mildly-annoying-book-loving-curious-child. He enjoys to be engrossed in the most random of topics, ranging from the diet of isopods to the significance of hexaflexagons. He loves good food and good books. His favourite pieces of literature include- Hello Universe, A Tale of Despereaux, Watchmen, Carry On and Foundation. He currently studies at Vasant Valley School, New Delhi.

Veda is a student of the Class 9 at Vasant Valley School. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading mystery books. Additionally, she is a passionate debater and writer and loves to travel, explore new places and meet new people.

Zoya Trehan Sahni, who is now referring to herself in third person for some reason, was born loving books. At least that’s what she’s told. Her Mom tries to take credit, but who knows, Zoya was too young to remember! Having a little brother has helped her develop a better sense of humour (a huge developmental need), since she takes herself far too seriously! Her all time favourite books are Harry Potter, Little Women, Death on the Nile and The Hunger Games.

Past Episodes

Reviewing Today: Divergent by Veronica Roth & Animal Farm By George Orwell and Refugee by Alan Gratz.

Reviewing Today: Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie & The Shark and the Scar by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.